Reducing the costs of raw material will look good on your profit-and-loss-account, but may have undesired consequences for paper quality and strength. With our Paper Performance Approach you can achieve both: reduce costs and improve paper properties. For this purpose Avebe developed several specialty starches, one of them is Amylofax™.

Improve paper quality with potato starch

Potato starch has the highest molecular weight compared to other native starches. A higher molecular weight corresponds with a higher binding power. Amylofax™ a pure potato starch derivative, is the natural choice for wet-end applications. Amylofax™ comes within very narrow specifications and has the absolute minimum in variation in cationicity, guaranteeing outstanding runnability. No product available is cleaner than Amylofax™

Key features of Amylofax™

Amylofax™ will not only bring you maximum runnability but also:

  • High performance at low integral costs
  • Optimal retention, due to a high level of flocculation properties
  • Maximum binding power
  • Less environmental issues as Amylofax™ stabilises wet-end chemistry


Amylofax™ products are modified starch products, obtained from non-GMO food grade potato starch. They comply with all the applicable legislation for food contact paper and board. Amylofax™ is allowed to be used in direct food contact. FDA: Amylofax™ meets the requirements for Food starch modified, implying that it also meets the requirements for paper and paperboard in direct food contact. BfR: Amylofax™ meets the requirements as described in Empfehlung XXXVI  as well as Empfehlung XXXVI-2 (baking paper).