In paper manufacturing we see several trends. Targeting cost reductions, production speed and coat weight are increased. New coating equipment like the metering size press make high demands on runnability of the coating colour and the quality of starch binders. Avebe products like Perfectacote™ set new standards.

Potato starch based coating binder

Perfectacote™ is a series of special developed high quality potato based coating binder. As Perfectacote™ is available in a wide range of viscosity levels; outstanding rheological behaviour under all circumstances is guaranteed. It allows high starch containing coating formulas with a binding power that easily matches synthetic binders. The carboxylated character ensures good retainability resulting in a minimal impact on the starch load of your water system.

Key performances

Using Perfectacote™ offers you:

  • Outstanding rheological behaviour
  • Optimal runnability at high speed
  • Increased paper stiffness, so you can work with an increased mineral content and lower grammages
  • Less downtime
  • A significant cost reduction


Perfectacote™ products are modified starch products, obtained from non-GMO food grade potato starch. They comply with all the applicable legislation for food contact paper and board. Perfectacote™ is allowed to be used in direct food contact. FDA: Perfectacote™ meets the requirements for Food starch modified, implying that it also meets the requirements for paper and paperboard in direct food contact. BfR: Perfectacote™ meets the requirements as described in Empfelung XXXVI as well as Empfeling XXXVI-2 (baking paper).

Formulation development

As each paper mill has its own specific recipes and machines, Avebe will trim your coating formulation to the optimum starch amount and develop the most cost-effective coating formulation.