Perfectafilm™ is a natural polymer, with high molecular weight, yet also exhibits high solution stability. There are several advantages of this high molecular weight solution, such as higher binder strength, possibilities for binder reduction and reduced penetration of size press solution into the base paper.

Key features of this natural polymer

Perfectafilm™ is a natural polymer based on polysaccharides which exhibits some unique characteristic features:

  • Excellent film formation
  • High stability in solution
  • Clear and colourless solutions
  • High binding power
  • Compatibility with other binder systems

Applications of Perfectafilm™

Perfectafilm™ products can be used in numerous applications where improvement of the surface properties is required in terms of reduced porosity, reduced dusting, improved printability, higher surface strength, barrier or improvement of the efficiency of surface treatment functional chemicals. Some high performance applications where Perfectafilm™ is introduced successfully are:

  • Inkjet paper
  • Silicon based release paper
  • Baking paper
  • Oil and grease resistant papers
  • Non-wovens
  • Back side treatment of board
  • Other specialty paper applications


Perfectafilm products are modified starch products, obtained from non-GMO food grade potato starch. They comply with all the applicable legislation for food contact paper and board. Perfectafilm is allowed to be used in direct food contact. FDA: Perfectafilm meets the requirements for Food starch modified, implying that it also meets the requirements for paper and paperboard in direct food contact. BfR: Perfectafilm meets the requirements as described in Empfelung XXXVI as well as Empfeling XXXVI-2 (baking paper).