Avebe uses potatoes to manufacture various types of proteins for a wide range of applications for animal nutrition.

Protastar® is a very high-purity refined potato protein product. Protastar® has an extremely low level of ANFs, excellent digestibility and good palatability. These properties make Protastar® particularly suitable for application in feeds for the youngest animals that have the highest nutritional demands.

High contents of phenylalanine and tyrosine in Protastar® guarantee a healthy coat respectively nicely shining feathers.

The low ash and potassium content explain why Protastar® is such a valuable ingredient of special pet foods as well as dietary foods with a reduced mineral content. Protastar® – unlike some vegetable sources of protein – contains no flatulency factors at all.


  • High protein animal nutrition solutions – Protastar® & Protamyl™ PF
  • Low allergen feed – Protastar® & Protamyl™ PF
  • Increased milk protein content
  • Improve pelletizing

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