Paper and board are excellent materials to produce sustainable, recyclable and biodegradable food packaging’s . However, due to their porosity and absorbance compounds such as water, oil & grease, volatile organic compounds and oxygen can easily penetrate through the packaging materials, which is often unwanted.

Sustainable heat pressure

Therefore, paper and board packaging materials are provided with barrier layers, based on non-renewable materials such as poly-ethylene or poly-propylene films to provide water resistance, aluminum foils to provide an oxygen barrier, or poly fluorated compounds to provide oil and grease resistance. Nowadays in the packaging sector environmental concerns and consumers expectations are raising the demand for renewable and biodegradable sources

Barrier coating

Starch is already used for many years in paper industry as retention aid, strength agent or to provide rigidity. Starch is renewable, edible, biodegradable that is readily available and therefore is an attractive raw material to be employed as barrier material. The novel sustainable barrier starches of Avebe, the Perfectafilm™ B range, meeting the current requirements for food contact paper and boards can be applied as barrier coating onto paper to provide oil and grease according to a patent pending concept. Further, a concept has been developed to employ Perfectafilm™ B as barrier coating onto board to provide a barrier against the migration of MOSH/MOAH or other volatile organic compounds into the food stuff.


Despite the fact that starch has been used and applied as barrier material, there remains an unmet need to for a sustainable, renewable and biodegradable barrier material that is sealable as well. For this particular situation where barrier properties need to be combined with sealability, Avebe developed Solvitose™ Greenmelt. When applying a coating of Solvitose™ Greenmelt on a substrate such as paper or board, it results in a flexible and transparent film after drying, showing excellent barriers against e.g. oxygen and oil & grease. Its adhesive properties can be activated by a combination of heat and pressure. Unlike many other starch adhesives, no additional moisture is required.

Due to the combination of heat sealability and its barrier properties, a film of Solvitose™ Greenmelt can be used in different kinds of dry food packaging applications where resistance against oil & grease and/or oxygen is required. Examples is the packaging of fatty foods, or foods which are perishable due to the presence oxidizable substances such as PUFA’s, phenolic compounds, vitamins etc. For the packaging of dry foods such as biscuits, pasta, rice or dry soup pouches, and particularly nutritional foods such as powdery foods for infant nutrition, elderly foods, sport nutrition and other foods reinforced foods comprising vitamins and/or PUFA’s, Solvitose™ Greenmelt provides an attractive alternative to non-sustainable and non-biodegradable materials.

The composition of Solvitose™ Greenmelt is patented e.g. EP2622034 B1.


  • Flexible and transparent adhesive film that can be activated by applying heat and pressure
  • Adhesive film with excellent barrier properties against e.g. oxygen and oil & grease
  • A food grade starch and an excellent choice for use in dry food packaging concepts.

If you are interested in Solvitose™ Greenmelt, or if you want more information about our solutions, please contact our local sales representative.